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Funny game with a big surprise!



Great design, fun "Surprise".... all in the title!  Well done.

REALLY GOOD please more games and make a sequel to this and make it longer PLEASE!


The game is hilarious but, What about soviet radio "альпинист"? Devs, i need answer



what an utter waste of my time it took longer to download than to finish this is not a game because you go up an elevator then lights come on and a thing chases you and that is it. What a waste of your time to programing such rubbish as this.


dude. this is a joke game. I can get being annoyed it wasn't what you thought it was, but imagine getting so annoyed over a game that's ultimately supposed to be funny that you leave a review saying it's rubbish, smh.

I've been putting off playing this game for a bit now & finally bit the bullet and safe to say I wasn't disappointed! 

put this as the second in my three free horrors video LOVED THE GAME BTW

Welcome back to another three free horror games. Today I check out the baby in yellow, Death Trips, and Dark Fellows, All these games were amazing with a lot more comedy than I expected. Come for the scares stay for the laughs in this latest installment of Three Free Horror Games

I went from almost screaming my butt off to laughing it off!! Wow.

My little take on this game, I really liked it thank you for creating such a wonderful game <33


loved this game did not expect it to end like that


short. sweet. and straight to the point ;3

hello guys, I had to used this game to prank my friend, lets go check video🔥🔥


how do u do this on linux


What's the key in the lobby for?

if you get the key and go to the last door in the hallway it has a little easter egg and if you go out to the hallway or start hearing rustling then there will be a jumpscare. found that one out by myself and it made me yell when i got jumpscared.

Hi Alberto, one of our channel followers' recommendation brings me here! And 'stupid' tag on the game description, 'hilarious' comments from  fans all over the world and your devlog all just exciting. Can't wait to try! Would you mind streaming the gameplay on YouTube?


Lol this is fun :D

very intresting!

what  the hack

LOL... just.. Interesting

hahaha I was not expecting this!

That was awesome!

Please excuse my lighting, it is bad but this game is good. :)

(Starts at 9:17)

I seriously love when people create twists in horror and this one was no exception! I'll refrain from saying a spoiler, but 10/10 would play more of your ideas. Great job!!

Some Reason This Were Funny When The Person Walked Through Me 

Very scary!

Legendei galera:

You know what, this game made me jump wish it was longer but it was good, keep them coming :)

Welp! Don't wanna ruin anything so let's just say the game is short and sweet and you should for sure check it out, or watch my video, up to you :) 

damn, death do be tripping (this game starts at 17:35) 

This horror game was great and definitely suits the title. I did a gameplay on this; feel free to check it out. Have a great day! :)

I went in to this blind and honestly had so much fun with it. I think I found some sort of super secret anniversary ending? 🤔 Also I found out what happens if you try to trip the trippee

Thanks for making it, I really enjoyed my time with Death Trips!

Trippiest Game of the year

Thank you for the laughs. 

I played this game on stream, and I gotta say it's really frightening. I didn't even realize the person was running after you, I just looked at a door and I thought I could open it. This game should be banned for being so grotesque and scary. Thank you.

This game was very funny and kind of scary at first. overall a pretty ok game!


Yes, I paid $10 for this. 

No, I do not regret it.

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