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Are you kidding me??!

Scuryst gem on eart, wit grat stury. soup spook

Please make more like this. Best game I've ever seen/experienced so far! I'm still dying from that ending though!


its just beautifu


I know right? I am also new here!


That was an amazing experience!


Death trips is a very fitting name for this game, i highly recommend the download, its a zombie outbreak simulator. once you play it you'll understand why death trips.


Quiero que sepas que me cree una cuenta solo para darle like y 5 estrellas.

fue lo mejor que jugué en mucho tiempo

para cuando la parte 2?

y para que era la llave del principio?

i want you to know i just registered an account to rate this game 5 stars.

it was the best experience i had in a long time.

is a part 2 coming any time soon?

also, what was the key for?

just a troll?




I so confuse at the end. Good game.

I was scared

Complex storyline. Stunning visuals. Surprising plot twist. 

Best three minutes of my gaming career lol


I loved this so much. It was simple and short. Its like a horror game at first, but then it turns into a comedy game

I played your game and it gave me a good laugh. (Skip to 7:23)

I...I'm speechless. What do I even say? Anyways, check my video out!

I Played this last year but I just wanted to say that it takes some time too make short games too.

Very clever. I loved this!

Oh, you absolute genius bastard. This was awesome.

( Your game begins at 11:30 )

This is the best game ever.

Good game!!

I've watched youtubers play this, and I was terrified at first. Now, I don't know what to feel.

Very funny game! But uh, what's the key for? Is it just an useless item or a secret?


Haha! I loved how you made us scared with a jumpscare then gave us a good laugh! xD

Thank you for the game! I really enjoyed it. Funny!

se jeux et vrai men flipen

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This was a pretty short but fun game to make a video on, thank you for creating this game, hope you'll turn it into a bigger game cause I'll definitely be playing it myself! :) 

At least I know what the title of the game means now.

Haha It was really funny it only scared me once  ;) i'm so following you

You made that kinda creepy your self


Make more!


Got a good laugh out of this!


LMAO that was short,funny and creepy,a truly masterpiece!

really funny game, I did get scared a little haha

Haha now this was fun! The ending is just great!

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Dang that got me. This game is the best out there.


ill remastered this game using unrealengine, wait for it. can i have permission? ill give you a credit for this

Hi! Thank you for your interest. I'm sorry but I'm not interested in a remaster for my game.

Spiel startet NICHT


did this for a old video on my channel, came across it again today.. made me realize how much iv changed since my old videos, thanks for being a part of my development 

How you change so much in 2 months, damn.

crazy right..  i didnt realize till i watched it back how much has changed, even for just 2 months haha

Played your game in my 3 Random Horror games video today and I loved it haha, wasn't expecting it to be that short but wow that ending was hilarious! 

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