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Horror masterpiece. Period.

Best game I have ever played, I liked the story, the characters, the details, and the funny jokes that the npc's say. I can't wait for part two where we chase down the murderer as a detective!

Best horror game of 2022

Feel free to check my video out🐣

Super Funny game that I wasn't expecting. Love it - It is the 3rd game in my video at 16:30

Bloody brilliant


funny ahh game

I realized that I have watched this game on YouTube when I saw her running towards me and then it dawned on me that she was indeed going to trip. and so she did haha. I love it and love how u made a quick little game just for Halloween. (Timestamps in description. 3rd game out of the 4 I played.)
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Amazing game absolutely 10/10 I loved it

the horror was the friends we made along the way

Got a good chuckle out of me... lol first game in the video.

Used this to troll my mom, but we were both trolled


death trips mo re  like deatrh grip!!! hahahH!!H! get get get get got got got got blood rush to my head lit hot lock poppin off the f-in block knot clockin wrist slit watch bent thought bot

Such an MARSTERPIECE of PURE ART! ESPECIALLY the END is a MASTERPIECE by itself! 'nough talk :D GREAT GAME! KEEP UP with Games like THAT!

Story & Game 10/10!

Посмеялся :)

this game was awesome lol

funniest ending ever

I streamed this game and my entire chat including myself laughed so hard! This game is simple yet brilliant- 10/10 - Scared_Cutie

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timestamp 3:58. A game with an ending I didn't expect to happen. Loved the choices of Goya's painting as the wall art though. Adds a layer of creepiness to this silly game.

nice game.

only one ending?

Looks amazing! I'll have to play it! Id love if you guys see my game page ❤

that ending was the funniest thing ever :]

Best shortest game I ever played! featured in my very first 3 scary games video at timestamp 9:54

I am going to stream this game tonight. Wish me luck!! 



I went in blind with this game, and I must say, it was hilarious!!! Congrats on making this game, I loved it! Here is my vid of it!


I laughed so hard bro. I played the game 1st on my 3 scary games video. 

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Didn't expect to get a laugh instead of a fright, but still loved it.

No regrets whatever.  This was well worth experiencing.

W Game!

One of my favourite short horror games to date!
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i loved this, sadly it was short but totally worth it

this game was fun to play. 

This game was a trip ;)

I love it.

So Thats Why Its Called Death Trips.. 

literally best game in humankind history

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