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Loved it. Made me laugh.

Ich musste so lachen! Mega lustig und gut gemacht! Danke dafür !!

Amazing Short Game! The End nearly gave me a heart attack! Good Stuff!

How come I can pick up the reception key?

still had a fucking heart attack lol

This game is really amazing. Best horror game ever!

this game is masterpeace

es encerio? me descargue este juego solo para ver que un mountro raro se cae

this is the least thing  i expected.  a good game lol

Tha was so funny and cool. I tried many things at the end but I recorded the first try :D

well... you weren't kidding when you said it was short lol.

(2nd game)

This game had no right to be such roller-coaster of emotions in such a short time!


Truly terrifying, bone chilling, and captivating. I could not put it down.

This game has was AMAZING and it was so short! Props to the Dev this game was an awesome horror parody🙌🏼. Consider checking out my video of the game(the vid is 2mins), and subscribe for more horror content😉. And if you are also a creator reach out to me the more YouTube friends the better😎!



Lmao was it really just some zombie running towards you and then tripping?

Hello there, it was a funny game, i really enjoy it, it was kinda random but i like that. Is a spanish vid

funny game haha

haha this was hilarious i didn't realise going in it was essentially a joke game but it was brilliant if you enjoy be sure to hit that sub button guys!

Great game ngl



Okay, this was brilliant. Thanks for brightening my day!

The Scariest game I've ever played! 

But seriously it was a lot of fun. I also made a small montage at the end of my video make sure you check it out


Thanks for this gem, I loved being trolled like this lol

game lasted longer than my ex, definitely satisfied me more too.

Fantastic!  This was the second game I played on this video, right after a game that had scared the pants off me, so the comedy hit even harder!


Nouvelle vidéo de découverte sur ce jeu !

N'hésitez pas a faire un tour :)

Sure was quite an ending!

(2nd game) HILARIOUS!! ;)

I pooped my pants at least three times

(1 edit)

Honestly my body was not ready for this amount of horror.

Good game btw (:

this is so funny!

I'm still looking for words to describe this game!

Death trips is actually the first game I played and it was really good . Scared me so bad , i'm not the same anymore

what are the controls?

I'm rolling on the floor laughing

the final.

I played it!!!

loved it 10/10 will play again

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