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wtf am i playing xD

Absolutely loved it! xD

The greatest game of all time wish there was more! :O

Amazing! Scariest game i never imagined how this game could be so scary, incredible game!

1K ON THIS VID??????

omg this jumpscare!


No se si es de terror o de risa! ``Buen juego´´

Loved it.

Overall, I thought this was a very decent short game. I also found the use of the key from the lobby. Good game!


I felt shocked and embarrassed by the ending.  Great game.

death trips cant be opened on my macos catalina

Well.....It delivers on what the title says.....No clickbait here LMAO Great Game!

Absolutely speechless. No amount of praiseworthy words can describe this masterpiece of our time. It is by far, The BEST horror game I've ever experienced in the 9 years that I have been playing these types of games. 

And despite how amazing that game is, They charge absolutely NOTHING for it. Something that is quite a shame, As this game provides you with so much more than just the gameplay alone. It makes you think back on it for an eternity, Along with it's many lessons it teaches you along the way of this horrific journey.

Not only was the game absolutely terrifying in every way imaginable, But it also really spoke to me on a personal level with how deep and thought provoking the plot was. I was hooked the whole time, And the plot twist right near the end was especially well done and disturbing.  I didn't expect anything like that to happen at all. It really made me feel all the emotions that the characters did. 

Speaking of the characters, The villian was especially a standout character. Despite being the bad guy,  They were somewhat relatable in their own unique ways. Something I don't see often nowadays. It really allows me to see both sides of the conflict, No matter who's truly right or who's wrong.

The metaphors in this game are also well crafted and meaningful, Showing how even something so basic can lead to your downfall in a matter of seconds. It hit me right in the feels, And had me thinking about my own life afterwards for a good few hours.

This isn't just a game, This is a message for humanity. A work of art. And one that I imagine will age gracefully, As the new generation comes upon us to play this game too.

Amazing work.

damn 😭

does it have a deep story? no.  are there puzzles? no. any dialogue? no.

Did I have fun and laugh my ass off?  yes.

This was the best short horror game in the history of shorts! 

this was so good i was genuinly scared when i saw the killer the ending was so gooood

late night spooky


So good


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I was laughing a lot, I didn't think it would end like this, very good game

That was a great ending I was not expecting! Very clever and well made.

That was hillarious! I laughed out loud!
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Great game! A friend just showed this to me and I haven't laughed that hard in a while. :)


This game was hilariously funny. Totally not what I expected when I was recommended to try this horror game 😂 Definitely has a good funny twist.

This game is the best game ever made. The game was so good I had to play it twice. 10/10, 5 starts, a work of art. This is a pure masterpiece.

ciao italiani, ecco un video Gameplay Ita di questo gioco!

Very funny and Real Horror Game, Coryxkenshin's Gameplay on dis was so funny as shi like gah dawg.

A short but fun horror game! 


Death Trips is a masterpiece. Just come back to play it for a second time. Thank you. 


the game was so fun keep up the good work man

All i can say is....PLAY THE GAME!! Its in the new video! Check it out 

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