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Thanks for making this game. I kind of ripped on it at first with the description and, the way it was playing. I'm glad by the end it was all in good fun. You sure showed me :)

Man I really love Death Grips

very good didnt expect this !

Very interesting. Very short game but it gets a lot done in its brief time.

This was short but a very clever and interesting horror game experience!  Great job :) 


Really loved this lol best ending ever! Great for being so short! 

Hahaha! This was such a funny surprise! It was short, but oh so sweet!

Not gonna lie this caught me off guard. I was totally diggin' it though. A masterpiece I say. :D

That was great!
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Absolutely loved the game, I NEED MORE PLZ!

Short and sweet just how I like my games!

Your game was the first game I played!

My channel:

even though it's advertised as a mac game too, the installer is windows :(

Hi xz00bq, it was tagged as a Mac game by accident. Sorry for the inconvenience

no need for apologies. It's all good. The game looks interesting.

Hola solo queria saber si va ha seguir a siendo juegos tan geniales, cortos,y graciosoomo   como este ?? 

Hola, ahora mismo estoy trabajando en un juego nuevo, pero muy diferente a éste. Gracias y un saludo.

I was hoping this game was longer as it did build up some tension, however I was also satisfied with the ironic ending and the humour even though this was a horror game.

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:D good

i cant believe how it ended i was a bit disappointed... lol

not gonna lie i freaking loved this, keep up the great work buddy :)

This is why I hate hotels!

Hey! I just made my new game called Purple Hunt! I would really appreciate it if you searched it up on and download it! The platforms that it could be downloaded on is Windows, Linux,  or Mac OS. And hey. I also have a joke to share for Lord of The Rings fans who are also game developers. One boy to make it all. One boy to test it. One boy to publish it in the house that binds him. That's me.

OH MY GOD this was so freakin scary

(also dat pun doe (:)

I did enjoy this game i thought it was a nice and fresh! I do hope we get more of these


So I played the game, had fun and then it took me such a loooooooooooong time to realize that the title is a pun lol

I LOVE fun games like these pls make more thx :P


Nice game !!!


Game of the Year this is!! This game has it all! Suspense! Twist ending! Everything! Thank you developer for making this! 


Very funny.

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"Even if you have played or seen this game you have not experienced it like this! If you have two and half minutes check out the below video because karma can be a real...."


(Don't forget to support the developer and if you enjoyed the video like and subscribe for more indie horror.)



I enjoyed the atmosphere and the jump scare at the end! I played this as part of my three short horror games and this was the third one I played. Good job!


Here's the video I made of this game! I loved it!!


It's not a horror game  BEST GAME 2018 


this is bad     lol its not


Best game ever made :)


Wow just wow XD and to think I thought I was in danger. Loved it!


Gave it a go...(SKIP TO 14:26)


great feelings ,)


Niceeeee... :)


This Was absolutely hilarious. great Job

Hey dude! I downloaded this too lo

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