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Enjoy this short horror experience in an infamous hotel, where a serial killer is 
(probably) inside. 

This small game was made in two days just for celebrating this Halloween.

-  Coding, music & sound effects by:  Alberto Navarro @forameuss

- 3D models & extra assets from Unity Asset Store & opengameart.org


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Death Trips.zip 257 MB


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Very Epic


Haha i was soo confused at this but i absolutely loved it..

LOL this made me laugh so hard! I can't believe I just heard of this game! Great job!

This game has me "TRIPPIN" get it?.. No... Fine just watch my thing

How often do people actually pay for a free game?

This...This was an experience! XD

Attached I have my experience of the game, if you're interested! The game starts at (7:40)...I hope you enjoy, and if you don't enjoy my experience make sure to download the game for your own experiences with this outstanding game! :D

I think I should've read the description better !

Third one starts ~10:30 I really didn't expect how this ended. Funny short game!

Best most entertaining game i've tried in a long time. i couldn''t figure out what they key went to but maybe im just really dumb so have a whole bunch of my idiocy mode

Almost definitely the best horror I've ever played. Greatest plot twist in any game to date!

Great game and scary.

I wanted to see what would happen if I ran towards her haha.  Here's the video!

I was REALLY not expecting this game to end the way it did. I had a fun time :)

My play through:

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This is a masterpiece

Just watched YuB play this on Youtube. Thought it was so clever that I came here to download and support the maker. Well done!

What a game. The Title Say's it all. Looking outside the box. Nice Good Job :P

Didn't know what to expect.  Wasn't disappointed!



Never have I seen a title taken so literally. I had no idea what to expect going in, and was pleasantly surprised. Though, I was so scared for my life that I actually missed what happened. I'd love to play more games like this; maybe next time I won't try to escape with my life intact. The quickest, chilling experience I've had in a good while.

Found this game and gave it a try... I have no regrets.

Side Note: Thank you for creating this

I'm a little late to the game with this video, but I am pretty happy I didn't spoil it for myself before playing it.

P.s. My videos are POP-UP COMMENTARY! Give it a shot. 

Thanks for making this, I know it didn't take long but I'm very happy it exists. Cheers

My reactions - 

i loved the game and you got me i honestly thought you playing a trick on me! 


Absolute masterpiece.

Great Work:D

I played and summarized this in one minute!!

Hilarious short horror experience good times be had

I played this in the second half of a two part episode I did, I had no idea what to expect but damn did I love it. Well played developers, well played.

This game is just one big facepalm lmao!
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(Second Half Of This Video)We played it without knowing.. Love the twist, well done to you sir!

Thank you, Alberto Navarro!  I'm happy!! 감사합니다~!

Okay, clearly I know this intent. BUT you have seriously created gold. WOW. I was hella surprised. Good job dev.

this is my favorite game now thank you for making this its amazing


short but funny :) 

This wasn't what I thought it was gonna be. I liked it a lot better that way. Great work :D

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This..... this was just..... gold. ABSOLUTE GOLD!

Your game starts at 16:20

I, honestly, have fun with the game. The ending was like "Really?!". I really want to play more games like this. Wish you the best in everything! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QT2tqBR0Q

Great game!

funny ending  lol! :)

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