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Enjoy this short horror experience in an infamous hotel, where a serial killer is 
(probably) inside. 

This small game was made in two days just for celebrating this Halloween.

-  Coding, music & sound effects by:  Alberto Navarro @forameuss

- 3D models & extra assets from Unity Asset Store & opengameart.org


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Death Trips.zip 257 MB


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Still funny haha

xD I saw markiplier play this and when I tell you I wheezed-

Seriously one of the best games ive ever played.

This game is soo scary at the start and then it's just get's ruined by the death trip

hello that's a cool game

but i've saw the screen so that game is created from "Unreal Engine"... right?

or not

Effortless arrests ideal for the minimalist detective :D
Oof yeah, I totally intended for that to happen...

YOUTUBER: Maya, The Bubble E1

Flat out the best "horror" game I've ever played, 10/10!

Also I played it 3 times just for the memes. there is definitely something wrong with me.

here's my gameplay :D




not working on 32-bit pc :(

Decided to replay this on my new channel, it is still a good game.

i want that to happen to me when a murderer chases me and get tripped nice

Did a (short) no commentary playthrough, loved the ending!

best short game ever. I have never been so scared and foundsomething so funny in my life.

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I got the key, I tried every door in the GD game. WHERE DO YOU GO FLATTENED SHAPED METAL?

This game had a great feel and build up ,especially when you see the dark hallway you are instantly filled with dread then the next series of events is just pure hilarity it was fun to play. I recently featured this in my trio of itch games.

Ngl, once i went in the elevator and saw the dark hallway...i got up and started screaming "THE CREATOR OF THIS GAME IS FUNNYYYYY, THEY THINK IM GONNA LEAVE THE ELEVATOR HAHAHAHAHAH"I then exited the game n deleted it... I was scared as fuck...

umm  itis crazy good 

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Decided to throw in my own .. 

I've been wanting to get into game design so thanks for introducing me to opengameart.org .. do you have a preference of Unity vs. Unreal? I'm looking to try to create something basic just to get a feel.. 

I found a prop collection I'm interested in that is in a blender file.. does Unity take that natively?

By the way.. nice game .. :)  the last time I did any game design was for Duke Nukem a while back..  so I'm out of the loop, but I'm a coder 

Title says it :D

Without a doubt.. lol

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Nice short game, I enjoyed it.

P.S - Thanks for making my video, so easy to edit ( The game is short).

Hi, I change the graphics and I do not see changes and I notice that they never change, is there any solution? Thanks a lot

Really fun short game, It was very abrupt but it leaves you a little speechless and a tiny bit scared. Definitely recommended if you have 5 minutes to spare and want to be spooked a little (or laugh your butt off).

Either way, I had fun :)

My response was to charge against death.. paid off lol

Well, that was... short. lol Cool idea though.

best game EVER 


I absolutely love this take on a horror game! The title makes sense to me now! Here is the link to the video I made! 

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This was a great, super short game


I think my reaction was a lil to much lol thanks for a good laugh.

how have i not found a masterpiece such as good as this!


best ending ever

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Wonderful game, love it! I wish there were more games like this. Made my day. The best ending ever.

I love this game so much even though it is so, so, so, stupid



The game won't launch.

My friend has betrayed me. I hate you @forameuss.

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