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Enjoy this short horror experience in an infamous hotel, where a serial killer is 
(probably) inside. 

This small game was made in two days just for celebrating this Halloween.

-  Coding, music & sound effects by:  Alberto Navarro @forameuss

- 3D models & extra assets from Unity Asset Store & opengameart.org


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Death Trips.zip 257 MB


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Hi, I change the graphics and I do not see changes and I notice that they never change, is there any solution? Thanks a lot

Really fun short game, It was very abrupt but it leaves you a little speechless and a tiny bit scared. Definitely recommended if you have 5 minutes to spare and want to be spooked a little (or laugh your butt off).

Either way, I had fun :)

Well, that was... short. lol Cool idea though.

best game EVER 


I absolutely love this take on a horror game! The title makes sense to me now! Here is the link to the video I made! 

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This was a great, super short game


I think my reaction was a lil to much lol thanks for a good laugh.

how have i not found a masterpiece such as good as this!


best ending ever

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Wonderful game, love it! I wish there were more games like this. Made my day. The best ending ever.

I love this game so much even though it is so, so, so, stupid



The game won't launch.

My friend has betrayed me. I hate you @forameuss.



Wow did not expect this to be that short haha. Regardless it was hilarious. Also made a video on it: 


Best trip of my life!



Funny XD

I'm a chinese player, thank you 


Chinese player?What a coincidence. I'm a Chinese player, too.I think we can get to know each other.


LOL! So much fun in a short period of time. GJ! Made you a lil video: 

This was great!

Here is my playthrough:




Are you kidding me??!

Scuryst gem on eart, wit grat stury. soup spook


English please...


Scuriest gam on eart, with gret story. .... soup spook.


Nice english, where u from?


I believe this is the first r/woosh moment i've ever had before

Please make more like this. Best game I've ever seen/experienced so far! I'm still dying from that ending though!


its just beautifu


I know right? I am also new here!


That was an amazing experience!


Death trips is a very fitting name for this game, i highly recommend the download, its a zombie outbreak simulator. once you play it you'll understand why death trips.


Quiero que sepas que me cree una cuenta solo para darle like y 5 estrellas.

fue lo mejor que jugué en mucho tiempo

para cuando la parte 2?

y para que era la llave del principio?

i want you to know i just registered an account to rate this game 5 stars.

it was the best experience i had in a long time.

is a part 2 coming any time soon?

also, what was the key for?

just a troll?




I so confuse at the end. Good game.

I was scared

Complex storyline. Stunning visuals. Surprising plot twist. 

Best three minutes of my gaming career lol


I loved this so much. It was simple and short. Its like a horror game at first, but then it turns into a comedy game

I played your game and it gave me a good laugh. (Skip to 7:23)

I...I'm speechless. What do I even say? Anyways, check my video out!

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