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Enjoy this short horror experience in an infamous hotel, where a serial killer is 
(probably) inside. 

This small game was made in two days just for celebrating this Halloween.

-  Coding, music & sound effects by:  Alberto Navarro @forameuss

- 3D models & extra assets from Unity Asset Store & opengameart.org


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Death Trips.zip 257 MB


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I so confuse at the end. Good game.

I was scared

Complex storyline. Stunning visuals. Surprising plot twist. 

Best three minutes of my gaming career lol


I loved this so much. It was simple and short. Its like a horror game at first, but then it turns into a comedy game

I played your game and it gave me a good laugh. (Skip to 7:23)

I...I'm speechless. What do I even say? Anyways, check my video out!

I Played this last year but I just wanted to say that it takes some time too make short games too.

Very clever. I loved this!

Oh, you absolute genius bastard. This was awesome.

( Your game begins at 11:30 )

This is the best game ever.

Good game!!

I've watched youtubers play this, and I was terrified at first. Now, I don't know what to feel.

Very funny game! But uh, what's the key for? Is it just an useless item or a secret?


Haha! I loved how you made us scared with a jumpscare then gave us a good laugh! xD

Thank you for the game! I really enjoyed it. Funny!

se jeux et vrai men flipen

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This was a pretty short but fun game to make a video on, thank you for creating this game, hope you'll turn it into a bigger game cause I'll definitely be playing it myself! :) 

At least I know what the title of the game means now.

Haha It was really funny it only scared me once  ;) i'm so following you

You made that kinda creepy your self


Make more!


Got a good laugh out of this!


LMAO that was short,funny and creepy,a truly masterpiece!

really funny game, I did get scared a little haha

Haha now this was fun! The ending is just great!

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Dang that got me. This game is the best out there.


ill remastered this game using unrealengine, wait for it. can i have permission? ill give you a credit for this

Hi! Thank you for your interest. I'm sorry but I'm not interested in a remaster for my game.

Spiel startet NICHT


did this for a old video on my channel, came across it again today.. made me realize how much iv changed since my old videos, thanks for being a part of my development 

How you change so much in 2 months, damn.

crazy right..  i didnt realize till i watched it back how much has changed, even for just 2 months haha

Played your game in my 3 Random Horror games video today and I loved it haha, wasn't expecting it to be that short but wow that ending was hilarious! 


Why not just post the  video URL instead?



What means, Detalhes?


This does not answer my question!!!

Am I trippin.. I think Im trippin.. Somebodies trippin.. Ohhhhhhh... 

Great game funny and scary

(not gonna lie...got scared when the women came running towards me)

well this was my second video, heres the gameplay

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