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Great game funny and scary

(not gonna scared when the women came running towards me)

well this was my second video, heres the gameplay

Amazing game!

Lol I love  this. Nice little game guys. If you did more funny horror games like this you'd get somewhere big!

A silly little horror game! Definitely check it out. 

fun game

Im gonna fight you man

You cant be scarin people like that (Its the 2nd game btw)

Damn... All I can say is, I've never been that  "Scared" from a game in my life.. Kudos to you my friend, I REALLY enjoyed this game.. Would love to see more like it!


I jumped so much while watching gameplay.


Scariest game ever!!! :OOOO I'm quaking in my boots!! YEEhaw

Nice Game! If you guys like what I do then subscribe to your boil channel really appreciated thanks! I recommend everyone to check this game out!

Creeped me out, made me laugh, what more can I ask for? A+


I'm sorry but this is not even a game. When people are looking for some free horror games by talented indie devs this is the last thing they want to find.

Still hilarious doesn't matter if you think that or not.

This game is the best thing ever!Check out my video on: 


It's not a horror game. It's a funny game.


Hands down best game ever.

Death Trips is...quite the trip. Short, spoopy, and has a good horror punchline.

Good job, dev. This is definitely something I can say I've played.

Hi, I made a bad meme using your game, thought you might enjoy it :)

Great game btw!


my computer is 32bit.

What do we do with the Key thats in the Lobby?

Great Game!!! xD Didn't expect it! :D :D :D
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This is absolutely wonderful.

Honestly one of the best games I've played, great work. 10/10

0:00-0:01 see this ;-;

To this game,I have nothing to say.

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I want "GOTY" edition!!!

I love this game!  Keep up the good work!

Amazing short meme horror with great ghraphic keep up the good work developer!!

its in the name

this was hilarious! my god! did not expect the ending at all! XD awesome job on making this game :D 
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10/10! This game was terrible. I loved it.

Very Epic


Haha i was soo confused at this but i absolutely loved it..

LOL this made me laugh so hard! I can't believe I just heard of this game! Great job!

This game has me "TRIPPIN" get it?.. No... Fine just watch my thing

This...This was an experience! XD

Attached I have my experience of the game, if you're interested! The game starts at (7:40)...I hope you enjoy, and if you don't enjoy my experience make sure to download the game for your own experiences with this outstanding game! :D

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