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Short, sweet, and perfect

this was the most hilarous "horror" game i have ever played hahaha

i enjoyed this alot!

We played this for our spooky October event and loved it, 100% recommend. Thank you for making this!

Very shorts but very nice!

Really enjoyed this one! so shocked with how short it was haha!
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I loved this game! I was a bit incompetent during the entire experience though lmaoo

Played this on my channel. I had to laugh because I played twice and didn't get the title, was literally what happens..great game!

Currently 300 hours into the long run. My family says I have a problem, and my wife took my dog.

Best game on itch 100/10

I was in a hurry!

So short ,  but nice.

les deseo el mal

pinches trolls

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Wow i don't want to spoil anything but men this game hit so hard! Feel free to know what I'm talking about by checking out this video.

Man, this game made me laught a lot.

Very short, but was fun haha

I played so many times that I discovered the alternate ending. 

I loved. I just can't stop playing.

i don't remember if i put this here already or not but here's my playthrough from a few weeks ago. i should've known from the title lol.

This game was just brilliant 10/10. Would it play all time again!


This game was super short, but it packed quite a range of emotions, and I loved every moment of it! Played as the second game in a 3 Scary Games video (time stamps in description to skip to the game)


best game ever i get why its called death trips death literally tripped lol


This is the greatest video game ending of all time!!!

3 games story explained


cause my name duahdaudagiuhdawd cporsxykenshinnnn nigga

This game is such a trip. I love it

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Made me piss myself. 10/10


I really like this lol gg

This game ended all my pets. All of them! I now sleep in my yard. I gaze upon the night sky, surrounded by my pet cemetery. So peaceful, and horrible.

This fucking game cured all of my disease's best game of all fucking time.

im still confused, but i loved it lol

short and nice game !! 



This is one of the best shortest games ive ever played!!!


it scared the shit out of me and i felt like the biggest dumbass when he fell

:D Funny horror game , thanks you to made this game !

Short, but funny horror game! Played this on my channel for a 3 Scary Games video! (This game is the 2nd one I play)

Check out MORE SCARY GAMES from me here:

Cool game

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